Here are a number of frequently asked questions about our charity. We try to keep this section of our website as up to date as possible. If you can't find the answers you need here or anywhere else on our website, please email us directly - office@thewoodenwonder.org.uk

Is the team at The Mosquito Pathfinder Trust remunerated?
The board of Trustees, Principal Officer and other members of The Mosquito Pathfinder Trust are all volunteers. We do not pay a salary to any of our members.

How much does the charity aim to raise for its cause?
For the full airworthy restoration of the selected de Havilland Mosquito, the charity needs to raise £4.5 million. £750,000 is urgently required to secure crucial parts and restoration work for the project and this amount will need to be raised by early 2018.

Is the Charity registered with HMRC/Gift Aid?
As the charity was registered in July 2017 with HMRC registration obtained shortly after. Charity number 1173706

How long will it take to fully restore the Mosquito?
From start to finish, the restoration build is estimated to take 33-36 months. We aim to have the aircraft ready for public display in late 2020, early 2021. With pledges and donations now starting to come in, we hope to hit our 2018 target (£750,000) and secure a start date for the restoration work. Once we are certain that our pledges are sufficient to secure the restoration project for our selected aircraft, we can then start work on the build with Avspecs.

If you are not able to secure the restoration project, but have already taken donations, what will happen to the money?
As required by and declared to the UK Charity Commission, if we are not able to commence restoration work, any funds raised through public donations will be returned to the donors. We ensure that we record each donation accurately, with contact information obtained from the individual donors.

Who is carrying out the restoration work on the Mosquito?
The Trustees of The Mosquito Pathfinder Trust have elected to call on the world-renowned skill and experience of Avspecs Ltd, based in New Zealand. Avspecs has now completed 16 warbird restorations and currently has 2 projects underway. With 3 de Havilland Mosquito aircraft projects already within its experience (All owned outside of the UK), Avspecs was the obvious choice for this restoration.
In order to obtain a permit to fly from the UK CAA, we are also required to not only demonstrate provenance, but to also assign a UK Design Organisation holding BCAR A8-21 DOA Approval.

After donating, will I be kept informed on the progress of the restoration?
Absolutely. Each of our donors will receive a quarterly update on the restoration, which will include details on how donated funds are being used and on the progress of the build. Six monthly and annual updates will also be provided, detailing the overall progress of the restoration and the charities performance.

Who are the board of Trustees?

Philip Birtles - Click for profile

John de Havilland - Founding Member - Click for profile

John Merry – Founding Member - Click for profile

Andrew Singer – Founding Member - Click for profile