Timeline & Roadmap

  1. Identify and build a team of professionals to undertake a viability study for the return of de Havilland Mosquito operations to the UK, for Public display.
  2. Register a Charity vehicle, to gain financial support via donations when the time comes for development of an aircraft restoration project
  3. Identify the stakeholders, organisations and skills required to select a de Havilland Mosquito airframe

  1. Select a de Havilland Mosquito airframe for the trust to restore
  2. Conduct the technical and engineering assessments necessary for validation of a selected airframe
  3. Identify and position the skills, organisations and resources required to conduct a full and airworthy aircraft restoration

  1. Develop a funding framework and supporting initiatives to achieve the ultimate financial goals required for the acquisition and restoration of NZ208.
  2. Conduct the final airframe and parts inspection of the identified airframe (NZ2308) before completing the acquisition of the airframe.
  3. Engage and contract with the organisations required to provide technical and engineering oversight during the aircraft restoration phase.

  1. Commence the full airworthy restoration of NZ2308 in partnership with Avspecs Ltd in Auckland New Zealand.
  2. Liaise with New Zealand and UK Civil Aviation authorities to oversee the completion of NZ2308.
  3. Prepare UK resources, technical and operational manuals for the maintenance and safe operation of NZ2308 upon arrival in the UK.
  4. Complete the restoration of NZ2308 and transport the aircraft to the UK.